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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monday's Final Summary

Well I had a productive day to say the least - the last two weeks to month have been unbelievable for me between volunteering, school and just getting out again its been great!

Kenny fixed my water problem but I didnt realize there is a valve to adjust the water temp - loaded up my hair with leave in conditioner for 20 minutes then realized water not warm enough for shower. So i called gram to let her know I'm coming to take shower - she has no Cold water!!! So I finally got Tasha went there and took shower then had my counselor at noon in Fall River.

Even she was amazed at how good I am then I ran a few errands, came home - held two interviews for house cleaner/dog sitter for my Colorado trip. Then did some homework, played with my Wii fit and went to Celebrate Recovery at my church from 7pm - 9::30pm.

I did more homework and finally got to bed around midnight. I woke up around two for almost an hour now I'm up at 6am and just staying up because I have court in Newport this morning to have my record expunged.

I'll write more as the day goes on - time to let the dogs out :)

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